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What Aspects Should be Paid Attention to in Packaging Box Printing?

Oct. 10, 2020

As an Anti Smoke Mask Manufacturer, share with you. With the rapid development of society, many products have appeared. In order to increase corporate reputation and enhance the economic benefits of products, companies have made great efforts in product packaging. Therefore, the product packaging box printing industry has also developed rapidly. So what issues should be paid attention to when printing the packaging box?

First of all, we must pay attention to the choice of packaging box printing materials. Different packaging box materials have different effects on the product. Like wine, it belongs to a relatively high-end wine category. If it uses plastic or paper packaging materials, it will make people feel that this wine is low-grade, inferior wine, thereby reducing the economic benefits of the product. Like bubble gum, in the manufacturing process, the materials used and the target audience are ordinary consumers. If high-end packaging is used for it, it will not only increase the industrial cost of the product, but also violate the original business intention of the product, making the product impossible to produce. 

Baibang Custom Logo Silver Box

Baibang Custom Logo Silver Box

Again, pay attention to the size matching when printing the packaging box. The size of the product and the box must match, not too large or too small. If the packaging box is too small to hold the product, the unusable packaging box will cause economic waste. If the packaging box is too large, sloshing the product in the box will easily damage the product and waste resources. This requires careful design by the printing plant.

Finally, we must pay attention to the conformity of the product with the design style. Each product has its own unique style. Like the national liquor Moutai, its style is atmospheric, high-end, and profound. If the packaging box designed for him is fancy and non-mainstream, it does not conform to the product style. Like rainbow candy, he is a candy designed for children. If the design of the box is calm and restrained, it does not conform to his product concept of letting children be a consumer group.

As the outer packaging of the product, the packaging box will be discarded after use. The manufacturer must not only strictly control the quality during the production process, but also use environmentally friendly and recyclable materials to prevent waste and environmental damage.

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