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What Details Should be Paid Attention to When Printing Products in Custom Packaging Boxes?

Sep. 16, 2020

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The packaging box, as the name implies, is a packaging box for packaging products.

Custom Gift Box

Custom Gift Box

It can be classified according to the following materials: wooden boxes, paper boxes, iron boxes, corrugated boxes, or according to product names, gift boxes, wine boxes, chocolate boxes, medicine boxes, pencil boxes, food boxes, tea boxes, pencil boxes Wait. Made of paper and other mixed materials. Packaging box function: to ensure the safety of the product in the transportation process, improve the product grade, etc. The packaging box uses the box color, which is usually matched by multiple colors, so that buyers and users have an understanding of the overall appearance and color of the product. Especially suitable for products that cannot be unpacked before purchase. Now it is widely used in electronics, sporting goods and other industries, and the packaging industry is now an indispensable industry. Material classification is divided into two categories: facial paper and pit paper. Usually, the commonly used surface papers for packaging boxes are: gray copper, cupronickel, single copper, gorgeous card, gold card, platinum card, silver card, laser card, etc. White background "White copper and single copper: The common point of white copper and single copper is that both sides are white.

What details should be paid attention to when printing products in custom packaging boxes?

The performance of the packaged product mainly includes the physical state, shape, strength, weight, structure, value, and risk of the product. This is the first issue that should be considered when printing the product packaging box.

1. Product physical state. There are mainly solid, liquid, gaseous, mixed, etc. The product packaging boxes are also different for different physical states.

2. Product appearance. There are mainly square, cylindrical, polygonal, special-shaped, etc. The product packaging color box should be designed according to the appearance characteristics of the product. The product packaging box is required to be small in size, well fixed, stable in storage, and meet standardization requirements.

3. Product strength. For products with low strength and vulnerable to damage, the protective performance of the packaging must be fully considered, and there should be obvious marks on the outside of the product packaging box

4. Product weight. For heavy products, pay special attention to the strength of the product packaging box to ensure that it is not damaged in circulation. To

5. Product structure. Different products often have different structures, some are not pressure resistant, and some are afraid of impact. Only by fully understanding the product structure can we choose suitable product packaging boxes for different products.

6. Product value. Different products have great differences in value, and the highest value should be considered.

7. Product risk. For flammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous products, to ensure safety, there should be precautions and specific marks on the outside of the product packaging box.

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